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Tony Hawk Lands 900 At 48!

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Even though a bike was the first wheeled contraption I remember riding when I was a kid, it wasn’t too long before I ended up on a skateboard. T&C Surf Design was one of the coolest video games back then, but when the Tony Hawk games started coming out that was all we played. Well, next to the other thirty games we were playing, but the many versions of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, and the countless hours spent playing them, are forever engrained in my mind. Thrasher Magazine, building quarter pipes in the front yard and half pipes in the back. “Skate Or Die” was/is a popular term. It’s a timeless community that always seems to be growing stronger and stronger. Tony Hawk has accomplished and contributed so much, so this one video can’t compare to the totality of it all, but it’s a splendid example of the residence developed through mindful repetition, dedication, integrity. He is only 48 years old! What will you be doing when you're his age?

You can also watch the full video on YouTube via RIDE Channel.


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