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Don't Box Yourself In

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Sometimes there's a rut that you may eventually find yourself in. Maybe you're in it now, or you've gone through one or more of them in the past. You find a new thing that interests you, so you start dedicating yourself to it. Maybe it becomes a full time hobby, training discipline or even a job. After a while you may find that all your free time is going to it. Then, you wake up one morning and realize, "When's the last time I allowed myself free time to explore other options, avenues or life paths?" 

It's at this point that you have two options. Discard that thought, and delve even deeper into the thing you've been doing, which is totally fine if that's what you're feeling. But, there is also something to be said for those that re-evaluate their relationship with that hobby/discipline/job and say "Alright, time to switch gears, or at least take a break from this for a while."

It takes a certain mental strength and fortitude to break out from the box you've built around yourself. You've put time, effort and energy into that box. That box is home. It has become your comfort zone. However, if you can see that you are not destroying the box, but merely knocking down a wall to build an expansion, piece by piece, then you allow yourself the potential to grow exponentially. It's not about starting over, it's about growing with yourself. 

Dan Houston, a Houston-based Yogi and founder of Mind Tribes, recently wrote a very compelling article on exactly this subject. He was even kind enough to mention our very own Cameron Pratto and suggested that his readers take classes with Urban Movement. I would urge you to read his thoughts on this topic and hopefully use it to aid in assessing where you think you stand on your current discipline.

Be comfortable trying new things. You might even stumble upon something you like more than the thing you thought you couldn't live without. 

Check HERE for the full article (and other thoughts) by Dan Houston. 


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