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Inspiration Not Intimidation

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When an individual decides to step out on a limb and go out to train Art du Deplacement/Parkour or MovNat or many other disciplines for the first time the experience is often a disorienting one. In most cases, one is confronted with communities that have existed for some time and see advanced practitioners performing seemingly superhuman feats. Jumps that, to the untrained eye, look impossible. Still, after that first day of trying things out, for most, it is a life changing experience. “The Vision” starts to open and one begins to peek at how the world is one’s playground.

Unfortunately, for some, that awe-inspiring beginning can start to devolve. They may begin to feel that they should be progressing faster, or perhaps they start to notice others doing things, breaking jumps etc. that they have not yet approached. Others, rightly, look toward those who are more advanced as simply inspiration. To the former, it is worth remembering, there will always be someone who can do something better, someone who will learn something faster, whatever. This is no reason to despair, it is a reason to be glad for your brothers and sisters in movement and a time to learn.

The essence of both ADD and MovNat, despite friendly, playful competitiveness at times, is to challenge yourself. If you can be honest with yourself, and you are doing this, you will progress. We train in groups and are stronger for it, not because of the strongest, but because of the group as a whole. In the same way that we will often finish training activities together ("On commence ensemble, on fini ensemble"), sharing the will and energy to push to the end of an inhuman number of quadrapedie sets, the community benefits and is made stronger by each piece.

Look to those who are “better” and be inspired to be better. Don’t compare yourself negatively, compare and say “ok, there is something to aim for and I will get it”. The “eventually” you may need to add on to that statement is not a defeat as long as you are being honest and pushing yourself. Don’t worry, once you break that jump or surpass that milestone you will find another one to challenge you anew. 


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