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    5 Habits Teachers & Coaches Should Avoid

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    "So, when the photographer left the room I thought it was to figure out how to turn off the beeping noise. Nope. She came back in and started walking around the class taking pictures like she was doing a magazine or blog article. Again, why isn’t the coach saying anything? Why doesn’t he control the room? Why didn’t anyone ask if they could take our pictures like that? Why is there this consistent camera beeping in yoga class? Why was this guy so late?" Read more...

    ADD Experience

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    "I was having fun messing around with what I knew as just parkour up until that point. I was jumping on and off of stuff and hurting myself just like most others who start with little guidance. The Yamak slowed things down for me and put the discipline into perspective without even really trying." Read more...

    Don't Box Yourself In

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    "This way requires that we continually search for efficient, complex and sustainable ways of moving, breathing and living. This is especially true if your yoga isn’t working - if you’re perpetually experiencing overuse injuries, or if you’re using asana (physical yoga) as a bootcamp mechanism to avoid deep feeling." - Dan Houston - Read more...

    MovNat + Parkour = Urban Movement

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    "There is more to the equation, but it’s fresh on my mind to briefly skim the surface of a couple ideas that have been instrumental in orchestrating a unique approach to life, movement and teaching."

    Inspiration Not Intimidation

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    "The essence of both ADD and MovNat, despite friendly, playful competitiveness at times, is to challenge yourself. If you can be honest with yourself, and you are doing this, you will progress..."

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